“We Take No Step Forward but By Growth”

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I hope you all have had an opportunity to read my inaugural blog posts for #CMG.  I have been super excited to put my thoughts out into the world!

It means so much to me that you take your time and energy to read, comment, like, and share my posts on #CMG Business, Morning Motivation, and My Favorite Things – Mind, Body, & Soul.

As I continue to share in this space, I wanted to be sure you were all reading, following, commenting, and sharing for the right reasons.  If you came to read about where I was, you are not going to hear that from me here – but if you came to understand where I am, how I traveled here, and what are some of the tools, resources, and points of inspiration that kept me pushing, this blog is for you.

Also, please share what inspires you? How has #MorningMotivation gotten you from here to there? Are you part of #TeamPositive on Twitter or Instagram via @CmillerGroup?   And, what you would like to see next?

Stay Tuned!  I am preparing my first few Youtube videos including “5 Tips to De-Stress after a LONG Day”.


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Ms. Christa M. Miller