How I Lost Over 40 Pounds and Kept it Off!

My Journey137 lbs

I am excited to share the news; today I am 137lbs and I could not be happier!  My journey to this weight has taken me some time, effort, and a few tears but it has been well worth it!

After being over 180 pounds for a year, I realized that something had to give.  I had been trying to work out and run on my own with little to no success.  So, in spring 2014, I decided to go to the Palisades Running Group’s info session.  After speaking to the Founder, Chelsea and a few of the current members of the group, I realized I needed accountability. I joined on the spot and began running with the PRG from spring 2014 through the fall 2014 and attended yoga classes sporadically.  I lost some weight during that time but not as much as I had hoped.

After being extremely frustrated about not feeling like myself and not being able to fit into any of my clothes, I decided to search for some inspiration that would get me off the couch and out the door. I scrolled and noticed a young lady’s’ IG page and left a comment about how inspired I was with the progress she was making.  To my surprise, she replied immediately, sharing with me that she and a few of her friends were in the gym daily and reading the 4-Hour Body book.  It was right there in that moment that I decided to make a commitment to myself to not only lose the weight but to get and stay healthy and fit!

For starters, I created a contract in which I signed to make myself more accountable and inspired.  Next, I ordered my copy of 4-Hour Body by @TimFerriss and went to his website site to research some resources I could use until my book arrived.  Finally, I choose to be happy, I purposefully ate, and on Friday, November 14th, 2014 I joined the New York Sports Club, kept running, and never looked back.  I met my goal on March 16th, 2015.

Since then I have been asked often how I lost my weight.  Before I shared any of the details, I wanted to be sure I could keep the weight off.  It has been over a year and I am now looking and feeling better than ever before.  So, as I reflect on my journey thus far to losing the weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I thought I’d share my top 6 tips to take and keep off the weight for good!

No matter where you may be on your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself, I hope my story will inspire you to keep pushing…You’re worth it!

C. Miller Transformation 2016

6 Tips to take and keep off the weight for good! 

Gaining weight is easy; taking it off is another thing!  Here are my 6 tips to take and keep the weight off for good:

  • Made a Commitment to Myself

    • Determined I was worth it
    • Decided what was really important to me and decided I really wanted it
    • Identified habits to start and stop
    • Wrote a contract that I later typed, signed and hung up to keep myself inspired and accountable (for a sample of my contract click here)
    • Created a daily schedule with AM and PM routines to keep me on track (for a sample schedule click here)
    • Hung quotes and notes to myself to keep me inspired

 “If you lie to yourself, you’ll always lie to yourself.” 

  • Choose to be happy

    • Decided that how I felt and what I thought was more important than my excuses
      • Aimed to have a positive mental attitude spirit, mind, and body daily
    • Began to parent my self-talk; making sure that anytime a negative thought came to my mind to consciously changed it
    • Surrounded myself with positive people or stayed by myself, if I had to
    • Added a component of gratitude to my journal daily
    • Aimed to find the silver lining in everything


  • Purposefully ate – Food

    • Started by fasting and cleansing using my favorite products from
    • Tracked my food via
    • Began to meal prep (click here to see excerpts from 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss for meal ideas)
    • Volunteered at a local garden to engage in a new positive habit, learn a new skill, and get fresh veggies that were in season
    • Followed Tim Ferriss weight loss diet for 9 month
      • Modified my eating plan once I started to hit my goals
    • Chose to eliminate meat and most dairy from my diet permanently
    • Added a salad to every afternoon and evening meal
    • Added chia seeds, vegetable broth, and fasting to my monthly diet plan

“A vision without execution is hallucination” – Henry Ford

  • Movement

    • Joined a gym and increased my accountability by securing a trainer for my first three months
    • Walked every opportunity I got and counted my steps with a step counter
    • Participated in every group weight loss challenge I could (even remotely)
    • Tracked my workouts via MyFitnessPal to ensure I was on track










  • Respected Time

    • Set a date to reach my goal
    • Did not weigh myself until my goal date
    • Scheduled my workouts and did not cancel on myself
    • Trusted that my work would pay off
  • Extended Kindness to Myself – Bonus Tip

    • Tracked my wins and losses
    • Showed myself kindness by treating myself to small gifts when I hit my weekly and monthly goals
    • Created a prayer and affirmation that I recorded and listened to daily
    • Generated a list of motivational speeches and positive videos that I watched often to keep me in great spirits
    • Jumped right back on track whenever I fell off track
    • Enjoyed my cheat day!

“Don’t wait, the moment you find yourself off track, change your attitude, setting, behavior, environment, mindset, and whatever else you need to do to get back on track, as soon as possible.”

“In the end, what matters most is what is in your heart and mind”, but if you have the strength to push through; I’d encourage you to.

Let me know if my tips help you?  If you have any questions post them below.  If you have others tips to add to my list, please post them below. as well.  And, stay tuned as I will be sharing more tips and recipes that I used along my weight loss/healthy living journey.

Always Love,



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