“Career Mapping Your Road to Success”: Freshman through Senior Year

Career Map 1

As our young students head back to college this fall, I want to share the “CMG Career Map”, created a few years back for one of my mentees to help him move from his summer internship into his fall semester at school.  It turned out to be a great success with him and all of his friends and I now use it as a resource for all of the young professionals I work with in undergraduate and graduate school.  I hope this resource might benefit other college students to ensure they are on the right track this fall too!

No matter what semester your child or young person is in this fall, this resource is for them!  All of our college students should at least be updating their resumes, staying in touch with their network, touching base with their college advisors, and visiting their career service office if they plan to secure a job or internship this fall and winter.  This “CMG Career Map” will keep our young students on task and ensure they don’t miss a step.      Career Map 2

I have always thought: when you know where you are going in life, you can get there successfully and efficiently, even with limited resources.  By using the least amount of resources to accomplish smaller goals, you leave yourself more resources to accomplish your bigger goals.  Your time, finances, and network will be in the positive instead of the negative after using a resource like this; college students need to plan far in advance.  So, let me help set you and/or the college student in your life up to be proactive, goal-oriented, and accomplished.  Let me help you map your road to success! Click here to access the “CMG Career Map”. 

Career Map 3




I want to see everyone win, so please like, share, and leave feedback if you end up using the “CMG Career Map” to help you navigate your or your child’s way to success this fall.

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Edited by Mrs. Diana Cruz

Ms. Christa M. Miller