4 Valuable Lessons That Help Me Push Through Tough Times!

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Morning Motivation was created to get us from where we are to where we need to BE.

This page was born out of a sincere personal need for me to “MOVE” at a time when I simply could not. At a time in my life when it seemed like everyone had turned their backs on me & a small few had so much faith in me that they just knew I would figure it out on my own.  I did not understand and it was a very tough time for me…

Fast Forward: After pushing through it all, I learned a few valuable lessons that I care to share.  #MYPOV

  • Healing initially is a solo task.  Like no one can walk your life path for you, no one can heal on our behalf.  You must acknowledge, accept, and own the process before anyone can truly help you.
  • Sometimes the people you are looking to help you haven’t experienced your life experience, so they most likely won’t get the valley you find yourself in. Direction from them in the beginning might lead in naught. Trust God, and keep pushing.
  • Many other people are in the midst of their own battles and truly do not have the capacity to help you.
  • A few others, while they say they care, don’t because they can’t, end of story!

No judgment, I am good, and I was able to push through.  Not my prettiest time but most certainly my most pivotal! Learning how to grow through tough times on my own and to look at myself honestly in the mirror has given me the heart I need to keep pushing daily and has also given me the compassion to realize we all need at least one person to believe in us.  On this part of your journey, I will BE that person for you, until you can push through and see the light, your light!  So, join me and #TeamPositive during #MorningMotivation on Instagram (IG) daily to BE inspired and hopefully get you from where you are to where you need to BE.

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#RTR “We take no step forward but by growth” The amazing thing about life is we all can reach our mountain top, if we truly BELIEVE.  #CMG

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